Just wanted to take a moment to highlight the color, Foliage. Foliage is the popular name for what might better be termed ‘Gray-Green.’ Originally, I bought a roll of webbing in that color just to try out. I had never thought to use it before, as I tend to stick with the basics that work such as OD green and Coyote Tan. Surprisingly, I liked the new color a lot. It has now been a staple in the colors I offer.

Foliage seems to be very versatile. Case in point, I look at it and see a dull color of green. My wife said that she can’t see green in it at all and thinks it’s gray, until I switched it to a different background, at which time she thought the webbing looked green.  The color does appear to depend more on the colors that are around it, which is a great attribute in a color if you don’t want to stand out.

While Coyote Tan or OD Green may be the most versatile solid colors in strictly rural settings, Foliage Green may be the perfect solid color for those who will be in both urban and green rural environments.

Foliage Green Sling