My introduction to shooting sports was about as informal as it gets. I learned to shoot from my childhood neighbor/mentor who is a farmer. I learned the basics, but definitely did not start of with a strong foundation of the fundamentals.

In 2013, at the age of 17, I enlisted in the Washington Army National Guard and found myself at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma for boot camp in between my Junior and Senior year of highschool. My bad habits developed from shooting without instruction came with me to Oklahoma, but improved over the 11 week course. Formal training stopped after BCT, and as a 13b cannon crewmember, my training from that point on was focused on accuracy with projectiles of the 100 pound sort. When I first arrived at my unit we were using M1009a6 Paladins, until we phased them out for m777 howitzers. In 2017 I was lucky enough to be sent to a Squad Designated Marksman School at JB MDL. The instruction I received helped me overcome the bad habits I had developed and build a strong foundation for shooting fundamentals. It was great training, although it focused little on the use of a sling. Becoming familiar with Riflecraft slings taught me the importance of building a shooting system in which every aspect aids the shooter in improving accuracy.

Our slings are practical, durable, and the best sling available for shooters who want a sling that has more utility than just going on your shoulder.