The Return of the Sling

Welcome to RifleCraft,

Slings are back in stock! I have made several changes to the slings that are available.

I've increased the prices of RifleCraft slings to a price which I feel is competitive with other slings on the market. I will always offer the best price I can that still takes into account the time I spend making slings, and the quality of sling I'm willing to send out the door. The slings are still hand made with 100% American made materials.

RifleCraft RS-1 Reinforced Loop Slings will be made on an order to order basis, and I will deliver these within a 4-6 week window, which will allow me to keep up with demand.

RifleCraft RS-2 Essential Slings, RS-3 Cross Body Carry Slings, and the RS-4 Freedom Sling will be made in batches and have quantities posted on their respective pages. Slide Down Loop Keepers are their own product now, as they are not necessary for all shooters, but still work well for others.

I appreciate all of you who sent me emails and support, and all of you for your patience!