Where are the slings?

Welcome to RifleCraft,

My name is Bennett. I have been the sole proprietor of RifleCraft since 2019. Every sling that I have sold since then has been made by me on a West German Pfaff sewing machine, I estimate some 1,500 or more slings. I take great pride in that accomplishment, and have enjoyed sharing these great slings with all of you fantastic customers. I have shipped slings to customers in countries all over the world, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, and North Korea to name a few. During that time I have worked hard to keep the prices of my slings the same through the pandemic, "supply line shortages", and manufacturors recording record profits.

Last summer some personal life changes made fulfilling orders very difficult for me, and I tried to grind through it at the expense of a healthy work/life balance and time with my son. (Oh, and I'm joking about sending slings to North Korea, they're on our naughty list).
I became a single father with shared custody of my son, and got "a real job" as a carpenter for a local university.

My goal as the owner of this business is for these slings to always be available. However, waking up early to make slings before also making lunch, dropping the kiddo off with his grandparents, working an 8 hour day, and then hitting the gym is not sustainable. I have put a pause on the sling making until I can figure out a way to provide you the customer with a sling that I can be proud of that also does not come at the sacrifice of time with my son or my own personal health.

My hope is to have rifle slings available again at the end of March.

Thank you for reading, I hope you understand. Please take the time to explore my free shooter resources, and other products that will stay online.