RS-1 Reinforced Loop Sling

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A sleek, simplified sling utilizing a reinforced shooting loop for easy, instant transition from carry mode to sling supported mode.  This sling shares the same basic function as the RS-2, but is faster to loop up with due to the reinforcement in the loop, which keeps it open.  This allows you to loop up as you get into position with no extra time added.

Order swivels and accessories here and I will install them on your sling.



"After I learned to shoot with a loop sling several years ago, I was convinced that it was a tool of such merit that it was an essential requirement of any sling I put on my rifle.  I tried just about every sling out there, and was not convinced that they were quick enough, nor easy enough to be useful for real-world shooting under field conditions.

The Ching sling showed me that it was possible to have a loop sling that was also quick enough to be practical.  The issue I had with the Ching was that I did not always want to be drilling a hole in my stock for the addition of the 3rd swivel stud, and some rifles just aren't friendly to receiving it.  When I ran into that dilemma I set about creating a sling that would offer the ease and speed of the Ching sling while using only the standard 2 studs.

The RS1 Reinforced Loop Sling employs an area of reinforcement at the bottom of the loop to keep it open and ready for insertion of the support arm.  Under most conditions it isn't necessary to remove the firing hand from the pistol grip in order to fully loop up.  With a small bit of practice the support arm can simply be thrust through the loop while settling into a shooting position.  No appreciable time is added to benefit from the aid of the shooting sling." -RifleSlinger

Instructions for setup and use

-1.25” IR Treated Nylon Webbing
-Maximum Loop Length (from front swivel to rear of shooting loop): Approximately 23”
-Maximum Total Length: Approximately 46”
-Weight without swivels: 5.1 oz.
-100% Made in the USA