RS3 Cross Body Carry Loop Sling

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The RS-3 is fundamentally different from the RS-1 and RS-2 in that it allows the user to ‘wear’ the rifle around the body, which enables it to be available for instantaneous shooting from a carry position. The advent of this mode of carry is relatively new, having become popular in the late 1990’s. This style of carry is typically seen with modern rifles such as the AR-15, although it can be utilized with other types of rifles.

The RS-3 has a shooting loop that is identical to the RS-2, while the rear of the sling has two sections, one of which allows for overall length adjustment. The rear portion of the RS-3 has an innovative buckle that allows the shooter to make quick adjustments to the sling length. This allows the shooter to tighten the sling to bring the rifle secure against the body, which secures it to allow the shooter to use their hands for other tasks. Slide Down Loop Keeper, Sling Swivels and Swivel Silencers are sold separately. 


Please allow 5-10 business days to process and ship your sling!

Material IR Treated Nylon
Maximum Shooting Loop Length 26 inches/ 66 centimeters
Maximum Sling Length 87 inches/ 221 centimeters
Width 1.25 inches/ 3.175 centimeters
Weight 8 ounces/227 grams
Country of Origin United States of America


Find directions at The Sling Spot: Installing and Adjusting the RS3 


  • Rapid Adjust design allows for up to 20" of adjustability 
  • Durable Side Release Buckle for quick break away
  • Adjustable Shooting Loop with Slide Down Loop Keeper
  • Woven Elastic Keepers for all loose ends and side release buckle
  • IR Treated to reduce IR Signature
  • Maximum Length: 87"
  • 100% American Components, Made in USA 



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