RS-2 Rifleman's Essential Sling

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For rifles with traditional mounting points on the bottom, this is the sling I recommend most.  Traditional appearance, total function, and first-class build quality.  Tough webbing with an ideal texture (not slick, and not too coarse a weave).  Double stitched with industrial grade thread.  Metal hardware at structural points and plastic adjustment at non-critical points for ease of use.  Built oversized- trim to your own needs.

Note: I have decided to discontinue the color Foliage, though I will have Slide Down Loop Keepers and Swivel Silencers in this color for the time being.

Order swivels and accessoriehere and I will install them on your sling.


The simplest sling that fulfills the needs of the rifleman.  It's both a carry sling and a shooting aid.  A complete package with a deceptively simple appearance.

Slide Down Loop Keepers and Swivel Silencers are also available (sold separately).

-1.25” IR Treated Nylon Webbing
-Maximum Loop Length (from front swivel to rear of shooting loop): Approximately 24”
-Maximum Total Length: Approximately 47”
-Weight without swivels: 4.5 oz.
-100% Made in the USA with all USA Made Components

Note: Photos may include optional equipment, such as swivels, Swivel Silencers, and Slide Down Loop Keepers that are not included with the base model of the sling.