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Installing and Adjusting the RS-3

Properly setting up your RS-3 Cross Body Carry Sling will help you make the most out of its two best features. A properly adjusted RS-3 will allow you to stabilize your rifle during shooting and can also be tightened to your body for committing both hands to other tasks. Setting up the RS-3 takes a little time, but spending the time to get the right sections properly adjusted will also familiarize you with your new favorite sling. To start, we will identify the main parts!


Side Release Buckle: A plastic buckle that can be used to quickly separate the sling.

Braided 550 Pull: This is attached to the side release buckle and is used to quickly loosen the sling.

Acetal Tri-Glide: The plastic tri-glide on the center section serves to adjust the center length. The tri-glide on the rapid adjust section serves to secure your QD sling swivel.

There are three sections of the sling:

Stability Loop: The front of the sling that can be used to stabilize the rifle in unsupported positions. You can find the stability loop by locating the only metal buckle on the sling and following it to the nearest end of the sling.

Center Section: This is used to set the overall length of the sling.

Rapid Adjust Section: The part of the sling that is used to quickly adjust the length of the sling. You can find the rapid adjust section by locating the part of the side release buckle with the braided 550 rapid adjust pull and following the webbing to the nearest end of the sling. The end of the rapid adjust section that is triple ply is pulled to quickly tighten the sling.

Important: Ensure your rifle is unloaded before beginning installation of the sling!!!


  1. Install the Stability Loop on the front swivel of the rifle. It can be installed on the bottom of the rifle at 6:00 or on the side at 9:00.
  2. Install the Rapid Adjust Section on the rear swivel of the rifle. Installing it on the right side of the rifle at 3:00 works best for right handed shooters. Be sure to adjust the plastic tri-glide that secures the rear swivel as close the swivel as possible. This ensures that maximum adjustment range of the quick adjust section is retained.

Proper RifleCraft RS-3 Rear Mount


Note: All sections of the sling are likely to be grossly oversized for most shooters and rifles. This is intentional in order to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Better to have it and not need it, right?

  1. It’s important to adjust the Stability Loop before attempting adjustments on the other sections. Some trial and error is necessary to find the right adjustment. A good starting point is to set the length so that the end of the stability loop reaches the pistol grip of the rifle.
  2. Pull the tightening pull on the rapid adjust section until that portion is as tight as it goes. This prepares the sling for the next step.
  3. Adjust the center section next to determine the minimum length of the sling at its tightest setting. At this setting your rifle should be held snug against your torso and you should be easily able to reach the braided 550 pull at your right shoulder. This length of adjustment is helpful when you need to have the rifle out of the way to use your hands for other things, or for walking for extended periods. There will likely be a large amount of excess webbing after you make this adjustment. Don’t panic as this is normal. Aim to keep the plastic tri-glide in the center of the center section, as this will leave you plenty of room to tighten or loosen the overall length to accommodate changes such as bulky clothing, plate carrier, packs, etc... 
  4. Set the maximum length of the sling at its loosest setting. To determine the correct length, while wearing the rifle, pull the 550 pull until the sling is as loose as you want it. A good rule of thumb is that you can transition to your non-dominant side without choking yourself, but barely. Now remove the rifle and sling from your body and measure the length of the webbing from the side release buckle to the beginning of the triple ply quick tightener. Now feed the same amount of webbing from the end of the webbing, adding approximately 3” of extra material.


    Trimming the Slack:

    Don’t be tempted to leave the excess webbing in place. Trim it! Trimming your excess webbing will keep your sling looking slick and also prevent any hangups on gear and clothing.

    Important: Make sure you have your adjustments set correctly before you cut! It’s easy to cut more later. It’s not so easy to put more back on! One approach would be to cut most of the excess, then complete the following steps once you are certain everything is perfect.

    1. On the shooting loop section, leave approximately 5” of extra webbing from the metal buckle. Cut the remaining webbing off with a sharp pair of scissors. Then burn the freshly cut end to melt it, which will keep it from fraying and becoming a horrible mess. Fold the excess in half to the inside so the end is right at the metal buckle. This will plug up the adjustment ‘chokepoint’ ensuring that the webbing is not able to pull back through. Finally, slide the elastic keeper for that section over the excess to cover the end completely.
    2. On both other sections of the sling, leave approximately 2”-3” of excess webbing. Cut and burn the webbing as in the previous step. Cover the excess with the elastic keepers.

    Tips for Use:

    -Practice reaching the quick adjust controls by feel. After some time you should be able to intuitively grab the appropriate control without thinking about it.

    -If the sling is correctly adjusted you should be able to easily reach the quick adjustment controls near the top/front of your firing side shoulder.

    -Use your firing hand to adjust the quick adjust section. Use your non-dominant hand to assist in adjustments by pulling the rifle toward or away from your body as you are adjusting the sling with the firing hand.

    -For general carry, a ‘middle’ length at which the end of the quick tightening pull can be tucked into the elastic keeper in the quick adjust section makes the sling tidier and is typically a good length to present the rifle quickly.


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