RS3 Cross Body Carry Loop Sling

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  • Rapid Adjust design allows for up to 20" of adjustability 
  • Durable Side Release Buckle for quick break away
  • Adjustable Shooting Loop with Slide Down Loop Keeper
  • Woven Elastic Keepers for all loose ends and side release buckle
  • IR Treated to reduce IR Signature
  • Maximum Length: 87"
  • 100% American Components, Made in USA

We understand that some tasks just can’t be fixed with more firepower, and sometimes you need your hands free. If you’ve ever tried to drink a cup of coffee on a cold morning at the range while awkwardly holding your rifle, we’ve been there too. 


Introducing the RS3 Cross Body Carry Sling! Its rapid adjust rear section will let you tighten your rifle to your body to keep it secure, and can be loosened in a jiffy for getting you back on target quickly. The tightening pull is made out of the rear sling, folded three ply thick, and double sewn for rigidity and durability. The 3.5” loosening tab is a hand-braided pull made from 7-strand 550 cord.

Need to ground your rifle and pack pronto? The side release buckle will separate the front ⅔ of the sling from the rear section faster than you can say QD Swivel. 

The RS3 Cross Body Carry Sling also features a shooting loop for added precision and stability while firing in unsupported positions.


Sling Swivels and Swivel Silencers are sold separately. 



Find directions at The Sling Spot: Installing and Adjusting the RS3 



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