RS-1 Reinforced Loop Sling

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 A sleek, simplified sling utilizing a reinforced shooting loop for easy, instant transition from carry mode to sling supported mode.  This sling shares the same basic function as the Rifleman's Essential Sling, but is faster to loop up with due to the reinforcement at the back of the shooting loop, which keeps it open.  This allows you to loop up as you get into position with no extra time added. Slide Down Loop Keeper, Swivels and accessories sold separately. For detailed instructions installing sling swivels on the Reinforced Loop Sling please watch this video.

ATTENTION: Due to higher demand than expected, sling orders placed after 12:00PM on 11/25/2023 will require a 6-7 week lead time. All discounts still apply, please contact us for more info at Thank you!

Material IR Treated Nylon
Maximum Shooting Loop Length 23 inches/ 58.4 cm
Maximum Total Length 46 inches/ 117 cm
Width 1.25 inches/ 3.175 cm
Weight 5.1 ounces/ 144.5 grams
Country of Origin United States of America

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