Swivel Silencer Pair

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Noise discipline is important, and noisy sling swivels are the last thing you want to hear when taking up a shooting position. 

Swivel Silencers are color coordinated with the elastic keepers included on all RilfeCraft slings. Elastic webbing material is a near-perfect match for all colors excluding the Solution Dyed Webbing patterns Kryptek Highlander, A-TACS AU, and A-TACS FG. These three patterns ship with Tan/Desert Sand elastic keepers.

Going for a two-tone look? If you order a pair of Swivel Silencers that are a different color than the webbing/elastic keeper material, and want the elastic keepers to match the Swivel Silencers, please leave me a note with your order.

Made for 1.25" webbing only.