Slings in the Wild: Practical Use of the Shooting Sling in Real World Environments, by Todd Dow

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Understand how to use a shooting sling to steady your shot in real-world shooting environments.

Available in two formats: PDF for viewing on a computer, EPUB for most e-readers.


Slings in the Wild: Practical Use of the Shooting Sling in Real World Environments, by Todd Dow

This book is my attempt to provide to you the value and knowledge that I think you deserve as a shooter and as a consumer of shooting products.

Most resources that teach the use of the sling do so without consideration of the sling actually being used in the field. If something is only beneficial on the range, what real benefit is it to someone who wants to use their rifle in the field?

This book will give you the knowledge and context that you need to make use of your shooting sling in the field to stabilize your rifle and have a greater probability of making the shot when you need to it count. It will help you understand how to employ the sling quickly enough to make use of it when your target can't be counted on to cooperate. It will give you the perspective you need to decide whether or not you should use the sling in any give circumstances.

176 pages, with copious amounts of color photos. This book is clearly and concisely written. You should be able to read and easily digest this in one sitting.

Some of the material was adapted from my Art of the Rifle Blog, and adapted for use. Most of it was freshly written.


  • Why Consider Using a Shooting Sling?

  • How does the Shooting Sling Actually Work?

  • The Shooting Sling to Arm Connection

  • Placement of the Sling at the Support Hand

  • The Half-Twist

  • Establishing Effective Sling Tension

  • Putting it All Together

  • Loop Sling Use with Side-Mounted Slings

  • How Does Sling Design Affect Precision on Target?

  • How Does Sling Design Affect Ease of Use?

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of the Sling: Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, Standing

  • Cross-Body Carry and Stabilization

  • Implementing Cross-Body Support

  • Perspective